Who Will Be Getting The Field Service Work In New York In 2017


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Testimonial … Todd Says SOFI Online Advertising Does Work


I have never given just given anyone a testimonial out of the blue, but today is an exception. Your website information and advertising on www.fieldinspector.biz has changed my life.  I went from making $8.88 per hour at Lowe’s to making over $50,000 this year!

Now, I get to work when I want to, which is about half the time, and I never have to tell anybody, “I can’t, because I have to work tomorrow.”  Seriously, it is amazing.  I can sleep late and stay up late if I want to and there are no worries! Plus, the tax benefits of running your own business is totally incredible.  It makes me understand why the government is broke.  My tax liability is zero after all the legitimate deductions.

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Some Field Inspectors Have Other Related Part-time Jobs


Some field service inspectors are also home inspectors, realtors, appraisers, process servers, and part of many other professions. I talk to people who have three or four part-time jobs which add up to a full-time job. I know a North Carolina field service inspector who also performs installation jobs for Directv  and recycles printer toner cartridges in his garage. He has three part-time jobs which keep him busy most of the day … most days.

Irrigation sprinkler repair is a good job in Florida … and other states. A repair service charge pays about $75 for an hour … plus materials. You can learn irrigation sprinkler repair on YouTube. It’s quite simple. The tools and materials are available at Ace, Lowes or Home Depot and the costs are small. Most of the repairs are quite simple … like a broken sprinkler head.

You can order online a magnetic sign for your car and advertise $75 sprinkler repairs as you drive around town performing field inspections. Pay current customers a small referral fee or provide a job savings coupon to get new customers. One repair a week brings in almost $4,000 in a year.


You can also install large-screen televisions on walls and make good money. The tools and materials are cheap and there are how-to videos on YouTube. Create a great stream of income from 2 … 3 … 4 … 5 … part-time jobs that you like and that pay well.

Do you have a story to tell?

EBT Field Inspectors … You Do The Inspections … How Do Your Think Food Stamp Money (SNAP) Is Spent?


A new study just released by the USDA, offers a very detailed look at exactly how participants in the “Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program” (SNAP, aka Food Stamps) spend their taxpayer-funded subsidies.  Unfortunately for taxpayers, the amount of money spent on soft drinks and other unnecessary junk foods/drinks is fairly staggering.

Update your listing in the National Field Service Directory and I will email you a link to some information on a national field services firms that tasks out SNAP – EBT inspections across the US. Simply email your name, cell and email to richard@richardlawmail.com. Do it TODAY!

The National Field Service Directory lists over 100 good quality firms that pay the higher fees in the field services industry. Purchase one for your desktop and make more money in 2017. Get connected with the better field service firms.




Stop The Nightmares … Quit Working For That Awful Field Services Firm

There are some great field service firms in the industry. But, every once in a while you start work for a firm that turns out to be a monster. You need to find an easy way out. This videos with give you some ideas for an escape route.

Some Common Major Field Inspector Mistakes

Yes, some field service inspectors are underachievers … they are below average when it comes to performance. Some doctors are less than average. The definition of “average” often says that half of all field inspectors are below average and half are above average. Field service inspectors seem to fit a normal or gaussian distribution … a bell shape distribution curve.

With training or mentoring, a below average inspector can become an above average inspector. Conversely, an above average inspector can be lazy and become a below average inspector. An educated person can make bad decisions and an uneducated person can make good decisions. Life is all about the decisions you make.

You need to know where you stand in the world. It never hurts to listen to others and make adjustments as necessary. Watch the video and learn from the mistakes of others. It’s always best for others to make mistakes and show you the way to success … it is less painful. If I missed anything in the video, please let me know as I am always learning.

What Affect With Trump Have On 2017?


My best guess is that Trump will have a great affect on the commercial and insurance segments of the field services industry in 2017. A growing economy will increase the need for commercial and insurance inspections. The mortgage segment will continue to be a “dead spot” in 2017 with fewer mortgage delinquencies and foreclosures … already at an 11-year low.

Today, the mortgage segment is the home of 99.5% of the fraud, greed and corruption in the industry. It is the home of $3 mortgage inspections and $7.50 grass cuts. The movement continues AWAY from the mortgage segment. It was happening before the elections.

Field Service Inspectors … Be SAFE On The Road … Which States Have The Worst Drivers?


A study from a car insurance group says drivers from Texas and Louisiana are among the worst in the country.

The study by CarInsuranceComparison.com, a site that allows people to compare insurance companies, looked at data from the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA). It analyzed crashes in five categories: fatalities per 100 million miles traveled, failure to obey traffic signals or wear seat belts, drunken driving, speeding and careless driving.

Rounding out the top 10 for worst-driving honors: South Carolina, North Dakota, Delaware, New Mexico, Nevada, Alabama, Arizona and Montana.

You Called SOFI & Did Not Leave A Voicemail Message


We saw your telephone call show up as a recent call with no voice mail. We most likely identified you as a telemarketer because there was no voicemail message. The call must not have been important as you did not leave a call-back message.

We most likely BLOCKED your telephone number thinking that you are an annoying telemarketer.


SOFI Acts To Filter Your Business Contacts Much Like A Paper Filter For Coffee … It Helps Eliminate The Bad Stuff Which Can Hurt You.


During the brewing process, coffee filters trap oily substances in coffee called diterpenes. The two main types of diterpenes found in coffee are cafestol and kahweol, according to Harvard Health Publications. These oily substances escape into your morning cup through coffee grounds floating in the coffee or oily droplets accumulating on the surface. And when consumed, these oily compounds block a cholesterol-regulating receptor in the intestines. Because of this obstruction, the intestines can no longer properly regulate the amounts of cholesterol absorbed and excreted — resulting in elevated blood cholesterol levels. Since coffee filters trap cafestol and kahweol, they significantly decrease the risk of coffee-related cholesterol increases.


The National Field Service Directory lists over 100 good quality field service firms that pay the higher fees. It is your business filter. Use it to grow your business.

Notary Signing Agents … Yes, SOFI Can Design A GREAT Resume For You For $50


Call Richard Law at (321) 543-2809 … east coast … to chat about the design of a great resume for your notary signing business.

Think about field services as a great add-on to your notary signing business. Diversify … become more efficient … make more money in 2017.


Some Field Service Firm Recruiters Are Adding Lipstick To A Pig … 30-40 Inspections A Day!

One insurance field services firm (not a SOFI member) is offering exterior residential insurance inspections at a very “TINY” fee of $7.00. This is significantly below the market fee for such inspections. They add lipstick to the pig by suggesting that field service inspectors can complete 30-40 of these inspections in a day. These inspections are a lot of work what with creating electronic house exterior footprint drawings, photos and a detailed report.

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Why Are Field Service Inspection Fees So FLAT Across The US?

Did you know that it costs more to live in San Francisco, California than it does in Charlottesville, Virginia? A lot more.  A $50,000 salary in Charlottesville is comparable to a $83,749 salary in San Francisco. You pay more for everything in San francisco. You need to earn more in San Francisco. You need to charge more for field service inspections in high living cost areas. Check out the calculator! Maybe you need to move to a better place with a lower cost of living.


Notary Signings Have Their Ups & Downs … Field Services Is A Great Backup Opportunity

In the last few months, as the Fed has jawboned a rate hike into markets, mortgage applications in America have collapsed 30% to 10-month lows – plunging over 9% in the last week as mortgage rates approach 4.00%. Notary signing agents get more refinancing activity when interest rates are headed down and less activity when interest rates are headed up.

Many notary signing agents fill some of the gaps performing field inspections for the higher quality firms that pay the higher fees.







Your Success In Life Is Determined By The Decisions You Make!


Find the things you like and get more. Find the things you don’t like and avoid them. That is the secret to a great life. John Wayne said that “Life is tough, but it is tougher when you’re stupid”. There are some great opportunities in the field services industry. But, like any industry, you have to separate the good from the bad and the ugly. SOFI can help you with that sorting.

Check out the great SOFI information, marketing and training products at www.sofistore.com. SOFI is rated A+ with the BBB. Do your research and make great decisions. Call Richard Law at 321-543-2809 … east coast … if you want to chat.

Veterans Day … Friday, November 11th … Thank You Veterans For Your Great Service


Thank you military veterans for your great service to our country. I am a Navy veteran with 20 years of service.

Be sure to vote today for those who will preserve and defend your veteran health care benefits.

Veterans … email richard@richardlawmail.com (this week only) with your name, service and the years you served and I will email you a 10% discount code for the SOFI Store at www.sofistore.com.

About Field Service Inspector Jobs … It’s All About The Numbers

The statistics say that there are more field inspections available in metropolitan areas than in rural areas. Okay! So it’s a numbers game. How do you handle the numbers? How do you get the new customers that you need for metropolitan and rural areas?

In a metropolitan area, an inspector may need 2-3 customers to get the amount of work needed. In a rural area, an inspector may need 12-15 customers to get the same volume of inspections as the metropolitan area inspector. The rural inspector can also ask for higher fees because of the longer distances between most inspections. Rural inspectors experience less traffic … which helps as metropolitan traffic rush-hours can be a real headache. Rural inspectors usually pay less for gas and have lower real estate or rent expenses.  Metropolitan inspectors have some greater efficiencies in travel … but, they may have also have some living higher expenses. So, it’s a numbers same. Rural inspectors need to know out to work the numbers better since they need more customers. They also need to negotiate higher fees. They also need better direct marketing skills.

Direct Marketing Shows Targeting Clients And Personalized Sales

The best way to secure new customers is by direct marketing. You email and call high quality field service firms that pay the higher fees and you introduce yourself. A great professional resume helps. Practice what you are going to say about yourself on the telephone. You then get some work … you do great work … you get more work … it’s simple.

Check out the National Field Service Directory at www.sofistore.com. Look at the SOFI-designed resumes at the store. Get with the higher quality firms. Order any SOFI product and get access to SOFI University. Avoid the Craigslist candy store ads which offer low fees ($3 mortgage inspections) and often lead to not getting paid for work performed.

Auto Repossessions Soar! … Vehicle Delinquency Interview Volumes Increase


A report says auto repossessions are soaring. Vehicle delinquency interviews are also on the rise. These simple inspections are called “vehicle delinquency interviews” or “car chases”. They are door knocks …. not repossessions. They pay about $25. Vehicle repossessions pay a lot more …. you need a tow truck.


Great Marketing & Great Job Performance … The Key To Growing Your Business

Businessman drawing a growth diagram
Most field service representatives are not very good at marketing. The most effective marketing is DIRECT marketing … where you contact firms DIRECT and introduce yourself and offer your services. It’s all about sending emails and calling on the telephone. It’s called “beating the bushes”. Introduce yourself and ask them to try you out. A National Field Services Directory will provide you with over 100 higher quality firms that pay the higher fees. SOFI will design a great resume for you.

Performance is key. Get the job and then do a great job. Call after your first job and ask for feedback. Make them love you. Make them want you to do all of their inspections in your area. Become their “go to” person for every job.


Check out all of the great SOFI information, marketing and training products at www.sofistore.com

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“Richard.  I cannot tell you how much traffic that simple ad has generated for CRMKC.  BEST money I’ve spent to date.  You made a believer out of me, and I recommend the site to everyone I meet”.

Grow your business … make more money … save money … buy more toys. Advertise with SOFI.



Cool Resume … You Need A Great Resume That Gets Attention! … Welcome To A New World!

The above resume landed Joe Kelso a great job at Google.

The plain text resumes that list all of your non-related jobs from 20 years ago just don’t work in our new modern world.

Let SOFI design your field services resume … a resume that works in a modern world. Buy yourself a resume design and finish 2016 with a strong marketing campaign. Marketing is key to growing your business. Order your new resume today. Make things happen in 2016. Love yourself … that new resume will look good on a new i-pad pro from Apple.




When Should I Send Out My Resume?


At SOFI, we believe that Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are the best days of the week to email field service representative resumes. Avoid the weekends and avoid holidays. Some recruiters say that Monday is a good day. Send out some resumes on Monday and Tuesday and measure the response. Send out resumes between 10 AM and 2 PM.

Don’t fill your resume with a lot of noise. Hiring firms want to know your contact information, the services you offer and the general area you service. Talk about experience if you have direct or related experience.

Let SOFI design your field services resume. We know what works. You need to project a professional image.



Car Chase Inspections On The Increase As Auto Loan Delinquencies Rise



Rising delinquencies are readily apparent in GM’s subprime securitizations where 31-60 day delinquencies have been on the rise since 2012 and now stand at over 8% of outstanding loans. Reports say that the year-over-year change in 61+ day delinquencies for GM securitizations have been growing at double-digit rates for several months now.

With delinquencies and charge-offs mounting at these levels, it’s just a matter of time before the subprime auto bubble bursts.  Just another sign of the Obama “economic recovery.

The average market price for a near-by vehicle delinquency interview is $25 … higher fees for longer drive distances.


Home Ownership Is At 43 Year Low … Some Northern Climate Realtors & Home Inspectors Will Starve This Winter

Homeownership is at a 43-year low. In the northern climates, real estate sales will SLOW in the winter months. And, home price increases is keeping more home buyers out of the market. As a real estate broker for 35 years, I know that you need to have an income gap filler in the harsh winter months when real estate sales and home inspections collapse. Field service inspections can become the winter gap filler for realtors and home inspectors. The more related income producing tasks you can perform in a small area, the more efficient you become … hence you make more money. Don’t starve this winter. Make some extra money with field service inspections.



Who Do You Think Is Getting Work In New York? www.fieldinspector.biz


Very few field service representatives advertise their services. Check out the online advertising at NAMFS. I see four advertisers at NAMFS and none of them are field service representatives.

Check out the website at www.fieldinspector.biz. Who do you think is getting the work in New York? When we get calls at SOFI from firms looking to hire field service representatives, we suggest that they FIRST visit our advertisers at www.fieldinspector.biz.

ORDER your banner advertisement today!


What If We’re In A Depression But Don’t Know It? How Are You Doing With The $3 Mortgage Inspections?


Is the economy in a Depression? Not if you’re a corporate bigwig skimming vast gains from corporate buybacks funded by the Fed’s free money for financiers. But if you’re a wage earner who’s seen your pay, hours and benefits cut while your healthcare costs have skyrocketed – well, if it isn’t a Depression, it’s a very close relative of a Depression.

Today, the average mortgage inspection with 7 FREE photos pays $3. Twenty-five years ago, the same inspection paid $5 and photos paid $1.50 each. Someone is making money, but that someone is NOT the mortgage field inspector. The Mortgage Order Mill (MOM) always has the better part of the partnership. The mortgage segment is the DARK SIDE of the industry.

So how are those $3 mortgage inspections with “maybe” a $1.50 profit after you FIRST perform 833 mortgage inspections to pay for the required insurance. Stop by Lowes and look at the price of a single 100-watt light bulb. What do you pay for an oil change and tire rotation? The average price for a new car today is over $30,000. A mortgage inspection “maybe” provides a profit of $1.50. Divide all of your business expenses by 1.50 to compute the number of mortgage inspections required to pay the bills. Divide your car insurance cost by 1.50. When you work for inspector “Barbara” you may not even get paid. How will you feel when a MOM charges you with a $60 chargeback … a penalty to put more money in the MOM’s pocket?

“Barbara” In Texas Targets Females & Minorities

Avoid working for another inspector in Texas named “Barbara” who targets females and minorities and does not pay them for inspections performed. Email Richard Law with contact information on anyone named “Barbara” that contacts you. I will provide you with a list of contact information on females and minorities who were targeted and abused by Barbara. You can learn from them direct about their horrible experiences with Barbara. It’s best to just avoid Mortgage Inspections.



Field Service Blogs You Need To Follow To Learn About The DARK SIDE

The field services industry offers great opportunities. But, it also has a DARK SIDE that you need to avoid. That DARK SIDE is the MORTGAGE SEGMENT … the home of 99.5% of the fraud, greed and corruption. Avoid the Mortgage Order Mills (MOMs) that pay low $3 fees for mortgage inspections and $15 for grass cuts.



September Is A Busy End Of Summer Month For SOFI


We are near the end of summer. The staff at many filed service hiring firms are back from summer vacation. Many field service inspectors are back from a summer vacation. It’s time to get serious again about getting back to work … vacations are over.

At SOFI, we see the most product sales in the month of September to both hiring firms and field service firms. Hiring firm staffers get back to building a strong network of inspectors (looking for an end of the year bonus) and field service inspectors look to building more volume in a small area and better efficiencies … thereby creating more money. It’s time to get serious about your business!

Check out all of the great SOFI information, marketing and training products at www.sofistore.com. Call 321-543-2809 (east coast) to chat about growing your business.

Auto Loan Delinquencies Up 17% In July … Bad Credit Or No Credit … No Problem


The car chase field inspectors should be happy on this good news. This will generate a slightly higher volume of vehicle delinquency interviews. It’s really bad news about the economy. The market rate today for a car chase is still about $25. It’s been at $25 for a long time. I’m sure that most field service inspectors are going to be looking at the increases in their expenses in 2017 … especially health insurance and Rx drugs … and take that into consideration in their decision making process with regard to inspection fees. It may be time to ask for more money.


Earnings & Unemployment Is Linked To Education


This chart says a lot. Education is important. Your job earnings is closely tied to your education. Your earnings in the field services industry will also be tied to your level of training. Start in the field services industry with some entry-level tasks and then get some training and move to a higher level … and earn more. Check out the training products at www.sofistore.com. Call Richard Law at 321-543-2809 (easy coast) if you want to chat.



Car Accident & Trip And Fall Documentation And Photos For Local Attorneys


I talked to a Notary Signing Agent who also provided documentation and photographic services for attorneys in her area. Most of her work was photographing and documenting car accident scenes and trip and fall scenes for local attorneys. I know a field inspector who recycles printer toner cartridges. Many field service inspectors have several great part-time jobs which add up to a full-time job.

There are many opportunities all around you. Do you see them? Open your eyes. Network with other field service inspectors. Check out the SOFI Store.