National Mortgage Field Services Firm Says NO Budweiser Shirts Are To Be Worn While On The Job

A national mortgage field services firm has issued a memorandum saying that Budweiser shirts are now out … no wearing them while on official duty. It’s time to purchase some new work clothes.
Most firms have dress codes … and that is a good idea. The Big Bird outfits are also outlawed. What will field service representatives now wear in the field?

Standard uniforms may become the next standard for the large national mortgage field service firms. Get ready! I picked out the firm’s UNIFORM colors (blue – khaki – burgundy) as shown below.

The mortgage field inspectors of the future may look like Catholic school kids. No mustaches, short sideburns and skirts no more than one inch above the knees.



  1. Unless they’re from Scotland those men are going to look silly in that skirt. 🙂
    ….As a woman I certainly won’t wear that silly pleated thing. Makes my hips look even bigger. And the shoes? They looked cute on 10 year old girls, not a grown woman.

  2. When the companies start to dictating what to wear…what will come next,,,,,also can they lose the independent contractor status dictating, what hours to work, what to wear, and time completion time….just wondering

  3. The last time I wore black dress pants & flat dress shoes I had to enter a muddy corn field to get photos. That was the last time! Now, I wear tennis shoes or flip flops & jeans. So, since I have rural territories, I will wear what I want!!

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