One thought on “Blogging Is Hard Work … Tips Are Appreciated!

  1. Why don’t you blog about the field services industry’s aspects of Insurance, New start ups, trainings and free trainings, obtaining funding for startups or for growing, how to grow your business, even how to obtain the help you need to get started and obtaining the certificates and equipment you need, how to start on a shoe string and make a profit.

    I would be interested in learning more but as a individual with no funds for training and certification as a inspector of any kind it is hard for these companies to look at me as a qualified professional that should be paid more than what they are offering. So tell me how do I get them to pay me more when I send them an email explaining the distance traveled and other expensed I will incur.

    Bolg about free trainings, I would like to know if there are any and where here in Florida. Are there any funding companies that will invest in a field service start up that has contracted work from companies but needs some financial assistance. Are there any companies out there that will finance?

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