I’m Close To Retirement And Being a Millionaire

I am a whistleblower and I am on my way to becoming a millionaire.

“I work in the accounting department of the worst mortgage field services firm. I hate myself because I have over a decade watched as the executives and managers committed bid fraud against the banks and the Government. I learned about the False Claims Act on the Internet. I found a large legal organization on the Internet that takes whistleblower legal cases. They do all of the legal work and at no cost to me. They tell me what information I need to collect in order to support a whistleblower fraud case. Everyday at the office I fill my flash drive with documents showing the bid fraud within the organization. My attorney says that I could get tens of millions of dollars by being a whistleblower. In the end I will feel much better because I have stopped fraud. The 2008 case of “robo-signing” fraud brought one woman an $18 million dollar payoff. I want to be her and retire early. I want to me a millionaire and stop fraud.”



Back in 2008, Lynn Szymoniak, a lawyer who specializes in investigating white-collar crime, tried to refinance the mortgage on her condo in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla. When she ended up in foreclosure instead, she started investigating.

What she discovered was a key piece of evidence that helped unveil the “robo-signing” scandal — the fact that major lenders were filing documents in court attesting to their ownership of mortgages signed by people who didn’t even work for them, let alone know anything about the documents they were signing.

Szymoniak shared her findings with others, including “60 Minutes,” and became active in the fight against foreclosure fraud. In response to a claim she filed in South Carolina under the whistleblower provision of the False Claims Act, she will receive $18 million from the $25 billion foreclosure settlement.


Research the False Claims Act. Find an attorney who specializes in whistleblower cases. Consult with your attorney and get professional advice on data collection. Start filling up your flash drive and retire early.

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