Field Inspector Comments On Commercial vs. Mortgage Inspections

“Did 1 commercial inspection today.

Total drive time to and from site: About 75 minutes w/rush hour traffic (sadly).
Total time spent on the site: About an hour.
Total time spent putting the photos and report together to upload: About an hour.

Pay for this inspection: $225 for a little over 3 hours of easy, relax-paced work.
Equivalency for mortgage inspections: I had $5 per, so 45 would be needed which would take 6-8 hours of consistent driving & filling out along the way to get. $3 per? 75 which would take 10-12 hours plus to complete in my area.

Added caveat? Turns out part of the building is being renovated into a new craft brewery. I’m going back when they open.

Take it from someone who’s been there: don’t get into mortgage inspections now!”

I checked all of the numbers and they looked great.