About Pricing Your Field Inspection Work … Call Richard Law At 321-543-2809

I found the below email in my in-box this morning. When you perform field inspections, you must make a reasonable profit to survive. Call me if you want to chat about how to price your work. Start with the IRS 53.5-cents mileage allowance used by the IRS. This is your cost to operate your vehicle. It’s best to let your competition accept all of the “no-profit” inspections. They will work 20-hour days … lose money … and soon leave the field services industry.

“I bid adieu to [name deleted] this morning. They are not a bad company to work for overall, but they simply do not want to work with me on distance pay. I am not going to drive 50 miles round trip for a $15 letter drop. If they give you plenty of local jobs, great. In my case 75% of them were 20 or more miles away and at all points of the compass. Their rate sheet reflects little understanding or concern for their reps in rural areas. At one time they would step up to the plate and pay more, but the past few months have been increasingly difficult. It was an amenable parting.”