Avoid The Mortgage Inspections … Low Fees & Too Many Backyard Security Cameras

The average mortgage inspection pays about $3 and requires about 7 photos … including photos taken from the backyard. You will have to perform about 833 inspections to recover your startup costs for insurance. You may have to wait 30-60 days for that first pay check. You might not get paid.

It seems that today, everyone has a security camera. They are low-cost and the video quality is quite good. The occupants of a home are watching and recording your every move while you are in their yard snooping around with a camera. In Virginia, if you look into a window or door, you could be arrested as a “peeper”. The Virginia sheriff will take your camera as evidence. The deputy will review the house security camera video. The deputy will take some mugshots at the police station and escort you to a cell. You will appear before a judge and have to post a bond. Make sure that you understand the trespass laws in your state. Ignorance of the law is no excuse when being changed for trespass.

The below video was taken at night on a Blink security camera. There are three deer in the video looking at the camera. Expand the screen and look at the two deer at the lower left in the video.