Mortgage Field Inspector Chased By Police

I read a story online when a mortgage field service inspector took a photo of an off-duty police officer’s home. Then the chase began. It was only one police car chasing one mortgage inspector. The 10 other police cars in the photo were added just to get your attention. Sure, it is not illegal to take a photo from the sidewalk. Going in backyards and peeping into doors and windows can get you into a world of trouble in many states. It’s called “peeping” in Virginia.

Everyone has security cameras today. There are a lot of dogs roaming in those private fenced yards. You will be noticed. You will be recorded on video …the video will uploaded to the cloud. Be sure you know the laws on trespass in your state. Below is what California says about entering fenced yards without written permission. You know your vendor manager failed to mention the California law on trespass. Who do you think is going to pay your fine?

California Penal Code Section 602.8

602.8. (a) Any person who without the written permission of the landowner, the owner s agent, or the person in lawful possession of the land, willfully enters any lands under cultivation or enclosed by fence, belonging to, or occupied by, another, or who willfully enters upon uncultivated or unenclosed lands where signs forbidding trespass are displayed at intervals not less than three to the mile along all exterior boundaries and at all roads and trails entering the lands, is guilty of a public offense.