Field Inspector Writes About Using The Smartphone Stride Mileage Tracker Application

Jim Williams  … … a field service inspector … writes about the FREE smartphone application Stride. Up until recently I was measuring mileage to inspections with the trip odometer on my car. I’d usually track one way and double it for the total. That way, I had an idea of the total, and be able to take in a side trip after the job was completed.

I got word about this app called Stride from somewhere, I don’t remember. But, I found it in the app store, registered with the website, and put it to work. It measured all right, very accurately, too, using satellite technology, and, when I got through with the ride, I’d hit “done driving”, and it came up with the info awhile later. Make sure to keep your login info for the app. It’ll kick you out and ask for login info sometimes. Notes apps on your phone come in handy about now.

Later, after the ride, I’d check back on it, and find out how many miles it had recorded, where I went, what date and time.  It shows you a map of the ride, so you can identify the route and remember.  I could add in more details on each ride. Being that I drove for Uber and Lyft, I would write in info that helped me remember. They pay for the ride, but the to/from distance is up to you.  But I also drive for a car dealer, and do property inspections, so keeping straight what I did when was crucial. I’d be out in a suburb getting site details on an inspection site and check in with the dealer who needed me to run a bank deposit for him. These things add up!

When life gets real busy, and I’d have to take a dealer to a car shop to pick up a vehicle, then go on to an auction site with a check for another dealer, Stride was there for me! Going from one suburb to another, where things are far apart, gets me some good, expensable miles, and that saves money on the next tax form!

And yes, Stride is in my Iphone and my Samsung J7, so it works in both OS’s, Apple and Android.

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