Is Your Field Services Marketing On Afterburner? … Or, Are You Flying A Paper Airplane?

If you are a smart and professional field service inspector, you have very little competition. Most field inspectors have no effective marketing plan. They are flying paper airplanes. As a Naval Flight Officer in the Navy and civilian pilot, I loved flying in jets. I was awarded 13 air medals flying in a combat zone. I enjoyed the thrill of attack aircraft carrier operations.

The professional field inspectors at the top are flying with their afterburners on. They have an effective marketing plan. They have a great resume and they are marketing to the higher quality firms that pay the higher fees. Many inspectors have no marketing plan … they are flying paper airplanes … they have no resume … they do not have any contact information on the higher quality firms. They are flying paper airplanes in the dark with very poor results. Paper airplanes fly at low speeds and low altitudes … that results in marketing to the low-fee Mortgage Order Mills. Put your marketing in afterburner and fly high.

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Blow away the paper airplanes with your afterburner.