Chicago’s Violent Labor Day Weekend Leaves At Least 6 Dead … More Than 1,000 Shot Since Memorial Day

How are those $3 Chicago mortgage inspections working for you? The “L Street Gang” uses that vacant foreclosure home that you will be inspecting as their new clubhouse. They have a surprise from you when you enter the rear yard for your 7 required photos. I flew in the Navy and was provided with fighter air cover and flight pay and combat pay. I was safer in a combat zone than a $3 Chicago mortgage inspector. The police in these areas wear body armor and travel in pairs while in constant contact with backup. There are no medals for mortgage inspectors. You have no support. No Mortgage Order Mill will pay your medical and other bills when you are not working. Make smart decisions … your life depends on the decisions you make.

Blow is what 1,000 people look like.