The End Is Near …. Get Ready For 2019 … Marketing Your Business Will Be Key


The end of 2018 is near. Now is time to start planning for 2019. October was a great month for SOFI as we sold more National Field Service Directories than ever before in the month of October. Field service inspectors are moving toward the higher paying commercial and insurance inspectors. The home refinance boom has ended and more and more notary signing agents are becoming field service inspectors. The world is changing and notary signing atgents are seeking refuge in field service inspections. Field inspections are a great gap filler.

The Mortgage Segment is dead as witnessed by all of the Facebook posts where Mortgage Order Millls post ads looking for Mortgage Inspectors. Mortgage inspection fee offered are never posted because they are about $3 on average. Commercial inspections are IN and mortgage inspections are OUT. This will also be the case in 2019.

SOFI will work with the best field service inspectors to help them grow their business in 2019. The economy is booming and 2019 will be a better year than 2018. Check out all of the great SOFI information, marketing and training products at Call Richard Law at 321-543-2809 … east coast … if you want to chat about growing your field services business in 2019. Make great decisions on your move up and 2019 will be a great year.