Many Field Service Inspectors Are Truly Missing Out On The Best Stuff

While most field service inspectors are out taking photos in backyards for a $1.50 profit on a mortgage inspection, some inspectors are performing higher pay inspections for the federal government or serving subpoenas at hospitals and nursing homes or inspecting AirBNB rentals or inspecting shipping containers destined for overseas ports. Many inspectors are hanging out at Facegroup forums where no real information is exchanged.The temperature was 36 degrees in Unionville, Virginia morning and I had green hotcakes at the Culpeper Ihop last evening. I want to make more money and I don’t care about cool Virginia mornings and green pancakes. I want to see lots of green … but, not green pancakes. I want to work for high quality firms and not the Mortgage Order Mills that “might” pay you after 90 days.

I talk one-on-one on the telephone with inspectors who are a great wealth of information. They will share their best information as long as you are not a competitor … and you will share with them. The key to making real money is networking with other field inspectors who are making real money. Most inspectors are missing out and they don’t even know it. So visit your Facebook forum and see if you can help Sally recover the grandkid photos that disappeared on her iPhone. You’re missing out. You just don’t know it.