It’s Almost The end Of The Year … Take Your Business Expenses NOW … Pay Less Taxes

I plan for 2019 by taking many of my business expenses in 2018 so that I pay less tax when filing my tax return in 2019. This week I purchased 16GB of memory for my Mac Pro tower. I also pick up another Apple Airport Extreme to extend by WI-FI and provide better office coverage for computers, printers and security cameras. I also purchased some business books as everyday is a learning experience for me. My business and my investments grow every year.

Take your business expenses in 2018 and prepare for 2019. Check out all of the great SOFI information, marketing and training products at Join with others who are growing their business in 2019 with the higher quality firms that pay the higher prices.  SOFI designed the below resume. We also sent out the resume this morning to about 100+ of the higher quality firms that pay the higher fees. Who do you think is getting the best work on Long Island?