Noise Can Kill Your Business Marketing

Noise can kill your business marketing. The resume is your most important marketing tool. Some field representatives spend only about 10 minutes thinking about, organizing and preparing the resume. It almost all cases, the resumes that I see are loaded with noise, which just covers up any important information in the resume.

Your resume needs to tell a short story … a one-page short story. The story is about who you are (your contact information), what field services you offer and a general description of the area you service. Talk about directly related field services experience only if you have such experience.

Your resume needs to be read in about 10 seconds and the reader needs to learn who you are, what you do and where you do it. Too much other information is NOISE and noise will cover up the important parts of the resume.

Let SOFI design your resume. We know what works. We have designed thousands of resumes for field service representatives. We use graphics, bold fonts, color and maps as needed to tell your story. We will provide a DRAFT resume in a couple of days for you to review.

ORDER your resume … the price is $50. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.