I Love Easy Money … I Don’t Run All Over A Large Area Performing Low-Fee Inspections … Making Money Is Working For High Quality Firms & Staying Close To Home













I love “easy money”. As a Virginia real estate broker in Northern Virginia I learned a lot. I made more money selling a $500,000 home that I did selling a $50,000 condo. I had to sell 10 condos … much more work … for the same commission as the sale of just one more valuable house. I learned it was more profitable to have a few high priced listings in a small area and not a lot of low priced listings in a large area. If a property was outside my area, I referred it to another broker and received a referral fee. I also provided property management which provided steady income with very little work. And, I invested money into real estate rental property.

I also learned that the more money making tasks I performed in a small area, the more efficient I was. I performed primarily commercial inspections in the same area where I provided real estate services. I only worked for the higher quality firms that payed the higher fees. Check out www.sofidirectory.com. I also performed BPOs. The “easy money” is working in a small area performing tasks that have a great payout. Think large fee tasks in a small area.

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