Ralph Has A National Field Service Directory On His Desk +++ He Is Picking Up Some Medicare Facility Inspections +++ Government Contract +++ Steady +++ Easy Money +++ www.sofidirectory.com +++ He Also Performs Government SNAP Inspections

We have a contract with the government performing on-site inspections that verifies Medicare services. We verify that they exist where they say they exist, during thehours posted they say they are open and provide the services they say they are providing.

These are the easiest type of inspections we have done. We need to establish coverage in the areas around you.

Most are medical facilities such as various doctor services, pharmacies, PT services, eyeglasses providers, and others that provide a service Medicare covers.

These primarily take little to no time on site ( 3-5 minutes) except a new one we are doing occasionally, it may take 15-20 minutes if that. The pay is $30 to $60 depending on if the request is the quick in and out ones or the ones that will take the longer time. It is crucial that you follow the instructions and take the required photos.