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Let SOFI Help You With Your Direct Marketing

If you have already purchased a National Field Service Directory with the last year, SOFI can help you with your direct marketing. SOFI offers an email blast of your resume to a little over 100 national and regional field service firms that hire field inspectors. These are higher quality firms than pay the higher fees. The price is $19.00. If you do not have a resume, SOFI will blast out a copy of your directory listing. ORDER your email blast online at

Is your current marketing plan working for you? Do you need some help?

This Is The Best Training Manual To Learn About Residential Insurance Inspections

The mortgage segment is DEAD. The commercial and insurance segments are the sweet spots in the industry. The residential insurance inspections training manual is what you need to get started in this segment of the industry. It is over 150 pages and it is loaded with great images.  DOWNLOAD a section of the book on condition issues, hazards, exposures and fire protection.

There is also a high value residential training manual at the store. You can purchase downloads or printed copies of these training manuals.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Order at the SOFI Online Store.

A Horse Walks Into A Bar

A horse walks into a bar. The bartender asks “Are you still performing those $3 mortgage inspections”. The horse replies “I quit as I wore out my hoofs and the profit was so low … “maybe $1.50″ … I could only afford to eat dry hay and not oats.” So, who is buying an old worn out horse a drink?

Someone should tell the horse that the mortgage segment is dead and the sweet spot is commercial inspections … growing in numbers with a growing economy.

Atlanta Fed Now Sees Quarter 4 GDP At Blistering 4.5%

Expect to see a large pickup in commercial and insurance inspections as the economy continues to grow.

Expect inspection fees to increase as the economy improves and there are shortages of labor.

Tax cuts will put more money in your pocket in 2018. Let SOFI help you focus on the hot spots in the industry.

ADP Predicts That 235,000 New Jobs Will Be Added For October

Expect the Department of Labor to deliver a great jobs report for October. The economy is improving with two straight quarters of 3% GDP growth. Expect more growth with commercial and insurance inspections and a continued slowdown with mortgage inspections. Get started with some great part-time commercial inspections.

Field inspectors continue to migrate away from mortgage inspections as more Mortgage Order Mills disappear.


Consumer Confidence Is At A 17-Year High … Where Will You Be In 2018?

There has been a tremendous shift away from mortgage inspections and toward commercial inspections. Many of the mortgage inspectors never made the transition. They just gave up. Making the switch was too hard … or, so they thought. Many of the part-time field service inspectors are deep into commercial inspections as it is here where you find the higher quality firms that pay the higher fees.

Our business at SOFI has been booming as we help a lot of inspectors focus and find the higher quality firms. Where will you be in 2018? Have you started to get ready for 2018? SOFI can help.

Read The Email … I Say Mystery Shopper Scam! … What Do You Say?

It looks official. But! Firms don’t pay mystery shoppers with bank cashier checks. The check will be FAKE. The email links to … a free form website.

Mystery shopping scams are popular with criminals who target employment websites. The ploy’s simple: Scammers send victims a bank cashiers check (it’s FAKE) and tell them to use the funds to “evaluate” Western Union’s or Wal-Mart’s money transfer service. Victims wire the money only to find out later that the checks bounce and they’re responsible for paying the bank back.
I know it is scam. What do you think?

Check out the legit Mystery Shopping training at Get connected with some REAL mystery shopping firms.

Let An Expert Help You Get Started Part-Time With Mystery Shopping

Cathy has trained over 10,000 mystery shoppers. She is the author of a great training manual on mystery shopping.

Calls From The “Unknown” Caller ID … Who Are These Unknowns?

Most of the “Unknown” callers with the “Unknown” caller ID are telemarketers. But, I have found that some are field service inspectors. These are field service inspectors who have “limited” cell phone minutes and they do not want anyone calling them back on their cell phone and using their limited minutes. I know this because sometimes they will leave a voice message and ask for a call back at a later time on another number … probably a landline or a voice-over-internet telephone line such as MagicJack.

At SOFI, we do not answer calls from the “Unknown”. These are time-wasters. You should follow this same principal.

HUDKEYS.COM … The Government Is Offering Free Appliances

HUD has no control over access to HUD pre-foreclosure and post-foreclosure properties. Secretary Carson has chosen to just ignore the problem and waste your tax dollars. Be careful when you pick up your free appliances … the police may be watching you. HUD is not watching you or all of the HUD master key suppliers at E-Bay or found on a Google search of the keywords HUD KEYS.


Veteran’s Day Is Saturday November 11th … I Salute All Of Our Great Veterans … We Love You … Thank You For Your Service

I salute all of our great veterans for their service to our great contrary. I have many friends who died serving on active duty in the military.

I see what is happening in the NFL and as a veteran with 20 years of active duty service … I am standing my ground. I am refusing to watch NFL football with the only exception being games that include the Dallas Cowboys. Owner Jerry Jones respects our flag and has stated that any Dallas Cowboy player who does not stand for the national anthem will not play football. Good on you Jerry!

Lowes and Home Depot respect veterans and they both offer 10% off on all Veteran’s Day weekend purchases. If you need some new appliances or a new kitchen, be sure to shop on that weekend.

SOFI will be offering 10% off of all SOFI products during the Veteran’s Day holiday period. At SOFI, we love our country … we love our flag … we love our national anthem … we love our veterans.

Three Maine roofers put their hammers down and stood up to show respect for the national anthem last Saturday, in the process unknowingly posing for a photo that’s been used to symbolize one side of the contentious nationwide debate about “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

The roofers, who were working near Waterville High School’s football field, stood for the national anthem “even though they didn’t have to,” Michelle Lyons Cossar, the Old Town resident who snapped the photo, told Fox News on Monday.

“I’m Going To Work Until I Die”: A Look At How Unprepared Boomers Are For Retirement

Unprepared retirees are filling the gap the only way they can: by working well into their golden years. In 1986, 10.6% of the population older than 65 was still working. In 2016, it was 18.6%, and I suspect the number will keep rising.

I find that there are some in the field services industry that are in their 70s and 80s and performing some of the better field service inspections in the commercial segment. They are working part- or full-time performing some easy-to-do inspections that bring in some extra money. It’s not hard work and it can be fun work. I talked to Wendell in Illinois today. He is in his 80s and is performing field service inspections. He is a retired Marine and a farmer … he leases out his land and others grow crops on it. He also spends part of his time making sure that veterans receive a proper burial with full military honors. I salute Wendall for his service to the military veteran community.

For inspections, the place to be is commercial inspections … the sweet spot in the industry. The dead spot is mortgage inspections. Make some extra money with field inspections and enjoy your retirement years.

Quality Control (QC) Inspectors Needed Now!

CLICK HERE FIRST to DOWNLOAD details about this opportunity.

The above position posted is no longer available for immediate deployment, however, we will continue to take applications as we anticipate receiving more & similar opportunities in the future.


We continue to seek quality control and reinspection individuals.  The QC Candidates must be experienced in property damage estimating, residential construction and have several years experience working with Exactimate.  Any candidate with these skills, should contact Tate Monroe at as soon as possible, as there are deployment opportunities available right now.  Candidate must travel to work location and remain on site.

Field Service Inspections Can Be A Great Part-Time Job For Retirees

Market Watch reports that about half of today’s working-age households will not be able to maintain their standard of living in retirement. Social Security will provide less relative to pre-retirement earnings; 401(k) balances are meager; and half the private sector workforce does not have an employer-sponsored plan. At the same time, with rising life expectancy the number of years spent in retirement has increased dramatically, health care costs are high and rapidly rising, and interest rates are at historic lows. Retirees are in trouble. About 52% of households are “at risk” of not having enough money to maintain their living standards in retirement.

24% Of American Men Would Have Sex With A Robot

Some observers believe the technology will become widespread in the near future and that sex with robots could even eclipse human love-making by 2050. It is highly controversial, however, with many feeling that the development of sex robots cannot be morally justified. That begs the question: would you have sex with a robot?  YouGov conducted a survey in an attempt to find out how Americans feel about the possibility of having a wild night with an actual sex machine. They found that while the vast majority of U.S. adults would turn down the chance of having sex with a robot, men are more likely to accept the offer than women. 

The research also shed some light on the moral consequences of having a mechanical fling. 32 percent of people would consider it cheating if their partner had sex with a robot while 33 percent would not. Interestingly, men are less likely to consider it cheating than women.

Now that I have your attention … check out all of the great SOFI information, marketing and training products at

Liens On Mortgage Order Mills (MOMs) Have Started

Here is a map of just a few of the Liens agains Mortgage Order Mills (MOMs). The Mortgage Segment is very messy. More information will be coming out soon on the problems in the Mortgage Segment … the home of 99.5% of the fraud, corruption and greed in the industry. Most of you will disregard the warnings as it cannot happen to you. There are some real monsters in the Mortgage Segment.

It’s Sunday … No NFL Football For Me Until ALL NFL Players Stand For The American Flag

On Saturday I watched some college football on television. Today is Sunday. I will not be watching any NFL football today.

#$(*# the NFL.

You know the story of what is happening. Paul Williams at Foreclosurepedia talks about the NFL in his podcast. Paul served in the Navy and has great respect for our flag and our country. I am a veteran and I salute all of the veterans who have served our country. I stand and I salute the American flag.

Listen to the below podcast. Some of the language is strong, but maybe strong language is needed. Listen to the podcast and then decide if you want to watch an NFL game today.